(A)   Upon receipt of a positive police report and the appropriate fees, as set by Council resolution, the City Clerk shall approve the pawnbroker license application if the applicant has fully complied with all of the requirements of this subchapter, and the City Clerk shall thereupon issue a pawnbroker license to the applicant and forward a copy of such to the Chief of Police. The license shall expire on December 31 next after the date of issuance. The license shall state the name and place of residence of the person licensed, the business to be transacted and the place where it is to be carried on and the date of issuance and expiration of the license.
   (B)   If the City Clerk determines that the applicant for a new or renewal license has not fully complied with all of the requirements of this subchapter or that the Police Department returns a negative report or that the applicant has falsified his or her application, the City Clerk shall, after consultation with the Legal Department, advise the City Council of the basis for questioning the applicant’s qualifications, and the procedures for notice and hearing as set forth in § 117.044 of this chapter shall apply.
(2013 Code, § 17-139)  (Ord. 14366, passed 11-25-1991)