§ 117.003  BOND.
   Before any person shall receive a license for doing business as a junk dealer having an established place of business, the person shall file with the City Clerk a bond, with surety to be approved by the City Clerk in the sum of $1,000. Such bond shall be conditioned that the principal named therein will observe the city ordinances relating to junk dealers and conduct his or her business in conformity thereto, and that the person will account for and deliver to any person legally entitled thereto any goods, wares or merchandise, article or thing which may have come into his or her hands through the business or, in lieu thereof, will pay in money to such person the reasonable value thereof.
(2013 Code, § 17-123)  (Ord. 32, passed 8-14-1950; Ord. 14609, passed 12-30-1998)