(A)   The grantor shall have the right to compel the grantee to test, analyze and report on the performance of the cable system. The grantor may also perform technical tests of the cable system during reasonable times and in a manner which does not unreasonably interfere with the normal business operations of the grantee or the cable system in order to determine whether or not the grantee is in compliance with the terms of this chapter and applicable state or federal laws. Such tests may be undertaken only after giving the grantee reasonable notice thereof, not to be less than ten business days, and providing a representative of the grantee has an opportunity to be present during such tests. If such testing demonstrates that the grantee has substantially complied with such material provisions of this chapter, the cost of such testing shall be borne by the franchising authority. Except in emergency circumstances, the franchising authority agrees that such testing shall be undertaken no more than once a year and that the results thereof shall be made available to the grantee.
   (B)   Any special performance tests or measurements required by the grantor shall be reported to the grantor within 14 business days after such tests or measurements are performed. Such report shall include the following information: the nature of the complaint that precipitated the special tests; the results of such tests; and the method in which such complaints were resolved. Any other information pertinent to the special test shall be recorded.
(2013 Code, § 8-6.1)  (Ord. 14586, passed 4-13-1998)