(A)   Under this chapter, the grantee shall upon request provide, without charge, one outlet of basic service and expanded basic service to public buildings that shall include, but are not limited to, the locations listed in this division (A). Any additional locations other than the following must be within 500 feet of the grantee’s cable system:
      (1)   City hall;
      (2)   Fire station;
      (3)   Park and Recreation Office;
      (4)   Police Department Office;
      (5)   Street Department Building;
      (6)   Wastewater treatment plant;
      (7)   Buena Vista University;
      (8)   Iowa Valley Community College;
      (9)   Marshalltown Community College;
      (10)   Area Education Agency 6;
      (11)   St. Henry’s Catholic School;
      (12)   St. Mary’s Catholic School;
      (13)   Fisher Community Center;
      (14)   City coliseum;
      (15)   Marshalltown Community High School Auditorium;
      (16)   Anson and Miller Middle Schools;
      (17)   Anson Elementary School;
      (18)   Fisher Elementary School;
      (19)   Hoglan Elementary School;
      (20)   Rogers Elementary School;
      (21)   Woodbury Elementary School; and
      (22)   Franklin Elementary School.
   (B)   The one outlet shall not be used to sell or further distribute services in or throughout such buildings. Users of such outlets shall hold the grantee harmless from any and all liability or claims arising out of their use of such outlets, including, but not limited to, those arising from copyright liability. If additional outlets are provided to such buildings, the building owner shall pay the fees for labor and materials only.
(2013 Code, § 8-3.8)  (Ord. 14586, passed 4-13-1998)