(A)   Under this chapter, the grantee shall, at its expense, promptly extend its cable system to have service available to all residents of the following:
      (1)   Newly annexed areas to the city not then served by a system where the average density is at least 30 dwelling units per lineal mile of proposed trunk and feeder cable route;
      (2)   New housing areas developed within the city limits, providing the new areas developed meet the requirements of division (A)(1) above; and
      (3)   Any new single-family dwelling unit, multiple-dwelling unit or other residential unit or commercial establishment which shall be extended simultaneously with electric power and telephone utilities, subject to the requirements of division (A)(1) above. The grantor may modify or exempt designated commercial and/or industrial areas of the city from the requirements of this division (A)(3) and as may be defined in the cable franchise agreement granted to the grantee.
   (B)   The grantee shall submit to the grantor, upon request, a written line policy that shall provide that cable service will be extended to potential subscribers who become located within 125 feet of distribution cable.
(2013 Code, § 8-3.7)  (Ord. 14586, passed 4-13-1998)