No new cable franchise may be granted unless the applicant has successfully completed the application procedure in accordance with filing instructions promulgated by the grantor, as follows.
   (A)   Filing fee. Payment of a non-refundable filing fee to the grantor of $100 shall be paid, which sum shall be due and payable at the time with the submission of the application.
   (B)   Content. All applicants must complete an application that shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
      (1)   Name and address of applicant. The name and business address of the applicant, date of application and signature of the applicant or appropriate corporate officer;
      (2)   Description of proposed operation. A general description of the applicant’s proposed operation, including, but not limited to, business hours, operating staff, maintenance procedures beyond those required in this chapter, management and marketing staff policies and procedures and, if available, the rules of operation for public access;
      (3)   Signal carriage. A statement of the television and radio services to be provided, including both off the air and locally originated signals;
      (4)   Special services. A statement setting forth a description of the automated services proposed as well as a description of the production facilities to be made available by the grantee for the public, governmental and educational channels required to be made available by the provisions of this chapter;
      (5)   Corporate organization. A statement detailing the corporation organization of the applicant, if any, including the names and addresses of its officers and directors and the number of shares held by each officer and director;
      (6)   Stockholders. A statement identifying the number of authorized outstanding shares of the applicant’s stock, including a current list of the names and current addresses of its shareholders holding 5% or more of the applicant’s outstanding stock;
      (7)   Intercompany relationships. A statement describing all intercompany relationships of the applicant, including parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies;
      (8)   Agreements and understandings. A statement setting forth all agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, existing between the applicant and any other person with respect to any franchise awarded under this chapter and the conduct of the operation thereof existing at the time of the proposal submittal;
      (9)   Financial statement. A copy of the financial statements for the two previous fiscal years;
      (10)   Financial projection. A five-year operations pro forma which shall include the initial and continuing plant investment, annual profit and loss statements detailing income and expenses, annual balance sheets and annual levels of subscriber penetration. Costs and revenues anticipated for voluntary services shall, if presented, be incorporated in the pro forma as required in this chapter, but shall be separately identified in the pro forma;
      (11)   Financial support. Suitable written evidence from a recognized financing institution, addressed to both the applicant’s financial ability and planned operation have been analyzed by the institution and that the financing institution is prepared to make the required funds available to the applicant if it is awarded a franchise. If the planned operation is to be internally financed, a board resolution shall be supplied authorizing the obtainment and expenditure of such funds as are required to construct, install and operate the cable television system contemplated under this chapter;
      (12)   Construction timetable. A description of system construction including the timetable for provision and extension of service to different parts of the city;
      (13)   Technical description. A technical description of the type of system proposed by the applicant, including, but not limited to, system configuration (i.e., hub, dual cable), system capacity, two-way capability and the like;
      (14)   Existing franchises. A statement of existing franchises held by the applicant indicating when the franchises were issued and when the cable systems were constructed and the present states of the cable systems in each respective governmental unit, together with the name and address and phone number of a responsible governmental official knowledgeable of the applicant;
      (15)   Convictions. A statement as to whether the applicant or any of its officers or directors or holders of 5% or more of its voting stock has in the past ten years been convicted of or has any charges pending for any crime other than a routine traffic offense and the disposition of each such case; and
      (16)   Operating experience. A statement detailing the prior cable television experience of the applicant, including that of the applicant’s officers, management and staff to be associated, where known, with the proposed franchise.
   (C)   Supplementation to applications. The grantor reserves the right to require such supplementary, additional or other information that the grantor deems reasonably necessary for its determinations. Such modifications, deletions, additions or amendments to the application shall be considered only if specifically requested by the grantor.
(2013 Code, § 8-2.5)  (Ord. 14586, passed 4-13-1998)