§ 112.035  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The control of large parties, gatherings or events on private property is necessary when such continued activity is determined to be a threat to the peace, health, safety or general welfare of the public.
   (B)   Police officers have been required to make repeated return calls to the location of a party, gathering or event in order to disperse uncooperative participants, which constitutes a drain of manpower and resources, often depriving other areas of the city of necessary levels of police protection.
   (C)   All of these circumstances create a significant hazard to the safety of the police officers and to the public in general and constitutes a public nuisance.
   (D)   The consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs by minors is harmful to the health, safety and welfare of the community and imposing both criminal and financial liability on adults permitting such conduct is an effective means to prevent consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs by minors.
(2013 Code, § 5-125)  (Ord. 14889, passed 9-26-2011)