(A)   If it is determined that an emergency exists because of the continuing maintenance of a nuisance, the city may perform any action which would be required under this subchapter without prior notice.
   (B)   A determination may be made as to whether a nuisance exists based on the following criteria:
      (1)   Inability to contact the property owner by normal efforts;
      (2)   The seriousness of the violation due to health hazards or physical hazards to a private individual or to the public as determined by a city official; and
      (3)   Frequency of violations of a property owner or a tenant when the property owner or a tenant has received more than two nuisance violation notifications within one calendar year.  This determination is in effect for one calendar year beginning on the date of the most recent nuisance violation notification.
(2013 Code, § 21-70)  (Ord. 42, passed 8-14-1950; Ord. 12447, passed 4-11-1974; Ord. 14959, passed 3-13-2017)