The following actions are required and may also be abated in the manner provided in this chapter:
   (A)   The removal of diseased trees or dead wood, but not diseased trees and dead wood outside the lot and property lines and inside the curb lines upon the public street (see § 156.025 of this code of ordinances);
   (B)   The numbering of buildings (see §§ 151.070 through 151.079 of this code of ordinances);
   (C)   The repair or replacement of broken and defective sidewalks (see § 57.043 of this code of ordinances);
   (D)   The connection to public drainage systems from abutting property when necessary for public health or safety as set out in I.C.A. § 364.12; and
   (E)   The connection to public sewer systems from abutting property, and the installation of sanitary toilet facilities and removal of other toilet facilities on such property as set out in I.C.A. § 364.12
(2013 Code, § 21-63)  (Ord. 12447, passed 4-11-1974; Ord. 14959, passed 3-13-2017)