(A)   No person shall keep, shelter or harbor any dangerous animal as a pet or act as temporary custodian for such animal, or keep, shelter or harbor such animal for any other purpose or in any capacity within the city, except in the following circumstances:
      (1)   The keeping of dangerous animals for exhibition to the public by a bona fide traveling circus, carnival, exhibit or show;
      (2)   The keeping of dangerous animals in a bona fide, licensed veterinary hospital for treatment; or
      (3)   Any dangerous animals under the jurisdiction of and in the possession of the state’s Department of Natural Resources, pursuant to I.C.A. Ch. 481A and 481B.
   (B)   The Animal Warden will respond to complaints of dangerous animals and remove them. In the event the Animal Warden is not reasonably available and an imminent danger exists, the Police Department shall be authorized to destroy the dangerous animal.
(2013 Code, § 6-62)  Penalty, see § 90.999