(A)   Where an alarm system malfunctions and/or produces chronic or excessive false alarms and the Fire Chief has determined that such malfunctions or false alarms are in excess of the number of such false alarms allowed under this subchapter, the Chief shall assess a service fee for such excess alarms. EXCESS FALSE ALARMS shall mean more than five per calendar year.
   (B)   (1)   Whenever an alarm system has been determined by the Fire Chief to transmit an excessive number of false alarms and a service fee has been charged, the service fee may be waived by the Fire Chief upon demonstration by the alarm user that the alarm user has caused correction of any problem or equipment which was the basis for the service charge in a manner satisfactory to the Fire Chief.
      (2)   The fee for excessive false alarms shall be determined by the following table:
False Alarms Per Calendar Year
Amount Per False Alarm
6 to 9
10 to 14
15 or more
(2013 Code, § 12-98)  (Ord. 14253, passed 4-27-1987; Ord. 14514, passed 11-13-1995)