Stopping, Standing or Parking
   72.001   General prohibition
   72.002   Overtime parking
   72.003   Semi-tractors, trucks or trailers
   72.004   Responsibility for vehicles and bicycles
   72.005   Removal of unattended vehicle from bridge, tunnel or causeway
   72.006   Stopping on traveled way
   72.007   Moving another’s vehicle
   72.008   Theaters, hotels and auditoriums
   72.009   Parking at right-hand curb
   72.010   Parking within lines
   72.011   Parking over 24 hours
   72.012   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   72.013   Terrace parking
   72.014   Median strips
   72.015   Parking in alleys
   72.016   Parking vehicles for display or sale
   72.017   Municipally-owned parking lots
   72.018   Street parking near intersections
Parking in Business and Residential Yards
   72.035   Purpose
   72.036   Scope
   72.037   Definitions
   72.038   Driveways; number, composition, location and size
   72.039   Driveway extensions in front yards; exceptions
   72.040   Front yard parking
   72.041   Unlicensed, inoperable motor vehicles
   72.042   Responsibility for violations
   72.043   No prior notice, warning required
Special Stops
   72.055   Railroads; obedience to signals; crossings
   72.056   Primary roads designated as through highways
   72.057   Emerging and yielding when emerging from private roadway, alley, building or driveway
Habitual Violator Penalty and Procedures
   72.070   Habitual violator
   72.071   Removal and impoundment of illegally parked vehicles
   72.072   Right of owner to redeem impounded vehicle
   72.073   Right to hearing
   72.074   Conduct of hearing
   72.999   Penalty