Vehicle Operation
   71.001   Driving on right side of the road
   71.002   Meeting and turning to right
   71.003   Passing vehicles
   71.004   Overtaking on the right
   71.005   Overtaking on the left
   71.006   When passing is prohibited
   71.007   Driving on one-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
   71.008   Roadways laned for traffic
   71.009   Following too closely
   71.010   Elevated structures
   71.011   Safety zones
   71.012   Use of safety belts, harnesses and child restraint devices required
   71.013   Vehicles over eight tons
   Speed Limits and Related Offenses
   71.025   Reckless driving
   71.026   Drag racing
   71.027   Control of vehicle
   71.028   Information and notice as to speeding violation
   71.029   Minimum speed
Turning and Starting
   71.040   Turning at intersections
   71.041   Turning on curve or crest of grade
   71.042   Starting parked vehicle
   71.043   When signal required
   71.044   Signal to be continuous
   71.045   Stop signals; types
   71.046   Hand and arm signals
   71.060   Entering intersections from different highways
   71.061   Yield when turning left
   71.062   Entering through highways
   71.063   Entering stop or yield intersections
   71.064   Backing vehicles
   71.065   Operation on approach of emergency vehicles
Miscellaneous Rules
   71.080   Unattended motor vehicle
   71.081   Obstruction to driver’s view
   71.082   Grades, defiles or curves
   71.083   Coasting prohibited
   71.084   Following fire apparatus
   71.085   Crossing fire hose
   71.086   Debris or injurious material; removal; clean-up
   71.087   Backing to curb
   71.088   Operation of vehicle upon flood walls, levees or dikes
   71.089   School bus discharging pupils
   71.090   Operation in parks
   71.091   People on streets and parking areas; movement and presence
   71.092   Motor vehicle licenses
   71.093   Soliciting on roadway
   71.999   Penalty