(A)   Violations of sections of this chapter specified in this section shall be scheduled violations, and the scheduled fine for each of those violations shall be as found in state law as it relates to city ordinances. The city has adopted the following ordinances, the violation of which may be considered a scheduled violation:
      (1)   For excessive speed violations under Ch. 76, Schd. VIII, division (A), of this code of ordinances;
      (2)   For operating, passing, turning and standing violations under §§ 71.003 through 71.008, 71.010, 71.011, 71.040 through 71.046, 71.064, 71.080 and 71.081 of this code of ordinances;
      (3)   For violations involving failures to yield or observe pedestrians and other vehicles under §§ 71.001, 71.002, 71.009, 71.027, 71.042, 71.060, 71.061, 71.062, 75.003, 75.007 and Ch. 76, Schd. VIII(B);
      (4)   For violations by pedestrians and bicyclists under §§ 75.001, 75.002, 75.004 and 75.006 of this code of ordinances; and
      (5)   For violations of vehicle equipment, traffic signs and signals and failure to obey an officer under §§ 70.003, 70.009, 70.041, 71.027, 71.063, 71.065, 71.085, 71.089, 72.055(A) and (B) and 72.057.
   (B)   The scheduled fine for each of the scheduled violations in division (A) above shall be that as provided by state law for the violation of a city ordinance.
   (C)   The method and procedure of payment and collection of such scheduled fines shall be the same as that provided for the payment collection of scheduled fines for violation of city ordinances under state law.
(2013 Code, § 20-13)  (Ord. 13862, passed 12-9-1980; Ord. 14875, passed 7-12-2010)