A custom-built mailbox may be installed in developments constructed and already receiving mail service before the adoption of this chapter if an application for approval of a custom-built mailbox is submitted to the city for review and is approved. A custom-built mailbox must conform to the following requirements and the rules set forth in the application:
   (A)   The structure supporting the mailbox shall be at least 12 inches from the back of curb.
   (B)   The mailbox structure shall not exceed the dimensions of two feet in width, two feet in depth and five feet in height.
   (C)   The mailbox structure shall be located on a concrete pad, two feet six inches wide, two feet six inches deep and four inches thick. The mailbox structure shall not be permanently affixed to the concrete pad in an attempt to make structure rigid.
   (D)   The local postmaster shall approve and sign off on the application before submittal to the city.
   (E)   Property owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of the custom-built mailbox. If the mailbox is damaged beyond use by the city, a standard curbside mailbox and breakaway post as defined in this chapter will be provided or the property owner can be reimbursed up to a maximum replacement amount set by Council in a fee schedule. If the property owner performs the replacement, reimbursement will not exceed the established cost for a standard curbside mailbox and breakaway post. Property owner must submit an application for a custom-built mailbox with the city prior to making any needed repairs.