(A)   Cluster-style mailboxes serving housing developments situated on any public street or roadway shall be located between the sidewalk and curb, outside of the three-foot clear zone. Cluster-style mailboxes shall not be installed anywhere within a cul-de-sac bulb. Cluster-style mailboxes shall have a four-foot concrete access from the public street and the public sidewalk. The location of the cluster-style mailboxes shall not exceed 300 feet from the property line of those residents served by that cluster-style mailbox. Cluster-style boxes shall be located on property lines on the same side as what the future no-parking areas will be. The location of the cluster-style mailbox is to be approved by the city and by the USPS.
   (B)   The cost of installation, including but not limited to box units and concrete pad, shall be borne by the developer, and subsequent maintenance shall be carried out by the USPS.
   (C)   No driveway or street access shall be constructed within five feet of a cluster-style mailbox.
Penalty, see § 10.999