§ 158.008 APPEALS.
   The owner shall have the right to appeal a notice of violation by the authorized official to the Building Board of Appeals as outlined in § .
   (A)   Written request for appeal. A written request for an appeal must be submitted within ten calendar days from the date on the notice of violation to the Housing & Community Development Director. The written request shall include the following:
      (1)   Date;
      (2)   Owner’s name;
      (3)   Owner’s address;
      (4)   Owner’s phone number;
      (5)   Property address or parcel number;
      (6)   Information supporting the owner’s position.
   (B)   Setting the hearing. As soon as practicable after receiving the written appeal, the Board of Appeals shall fix a date, time and place of hearing. Said hearing shall be not less than five days nor more than 20 days from the date the written notice of appeal is filed.
   (C)   Failure to appeal. Failure of any person to file an appeal in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a waiver of rights to an administrative hearing and adjudication of the notice and order or any portion thereof.
   (D)   Matters of consideration. Only those matters or issues specifically raised by the appellant shall be considered in the hearing of the appeal.
   (E)   Decision. After hearing all testimony, the Board of Appeals shall have 15 days to issue a decision. The decision shall be in writing and shall contain findings of fact, a determination of the issues presented, and the requirements to be complied with. The decision shall be served on the appellant by certified mail, return receipt requested.
(Ord. 15019, passed 5-24-2021)