(A)   Records. The city Chief of Police shall designate an Internet-based property tracking service. Every permit holder shall report each transaction of secondhand goods and tangible personal property within 72 hours of the transaction to the Internet-based tracking service. Itinerant dealers have the option to keep and maintain a physical record book of transactions that shall be presented to the city Police Department for inspection and photocopying before the itinerant dealer leaves the city if they choose not to utilize the Internet-based tracking service. The record of each transaction shall include:
      (1)   An accurate and detailed account of the sale, purchase, pawn, trade, or exchange;
      (2)   Serial and model numbers, a transcription of any engraving or other identifying labels, marking, or writings located on the item, the brand name, and model name;
      (3)   The number and description of any decorative precious or semiprecious gems, stones, or jewelry;
      (4)   The date and time of the transaction; and
      (5)   A description of the person selling, consigning, purchasing, pawning, trading, or exchanging the item, which description shall include the person’s first and last name, address of residence, date of birth, and driver’s license or state-issued identification card number including the state.
   (B)   Antique dealer. Every antique dealer shall be exempt from the recording, reporting, and retention requirements of this section.
   (C)   Transactions exempt from reporting. Any transaction of the following shall not be required to comply with the reporting and retention requirements of this section:
      (1)   Any transaction of goods at a garage sale, yard sale, or estate sale, which shall be construed as the infrequent, periodic sale of miscellaneous household or personal articles on the premises of a private residence;
      (2)   Any consignment transaction of secondhand goods or the sale of secondhand goods donated without compensation;
      (3)   Any transaction of goods at an auction.
   (D)   Retention of items. No dealer shall sell, deliver, melt, change the form of, or dispose of any item subject to this section of the Code of Ordinances within ten business days of the acquisition of such item unless one of the following exceptions is met:
      (1)   Permission to do so is granted in writing by the city Chief of Police or designee; or
      (2)   A pawned item is returned to the person who pawned the item within the ten-day retention period pursuant to the agreed upon terms; or
      (3)   The item is bullion.
      (4)   The city Chief of Police or designee may inspect all items for which a request to dispose of has been granted before the end of the ten-day retention period.
(Ord. 15053, passed 11-28-2022)