(A)   For any site, whether or not covered by an erosion control permit or other storm water discharge permit, the city may clean up eroded sediment or tracked soil deposited on public property if:
      (1)   Corrective action has not been completed within 24 hours or within an extended deadline granted in writing by the city; or
      (2)   In the judgment of the City Engineer, damage to the environment is ongoing and prompt corrective action would be intended to reduce such damage.
   (B)   If the city cleans up such material deposited off site, the City Engineer will invoice the responsible party or parties for the city’s actual costs including overhead, which may be recorded as an assessment against the property and constitute a lien thereon.
   (C)   Failure to pay an invoice under this section within 30 days shall constitute a violation of this section.
(2013 Code, § 28-172)  (Ord. 14824, passed 2-11-2008)