(A)   General.
      (1)   Clearing and grubbing shall be performed according to Part 3 of § 2010 of the Standard Specifications, except as provided in this chapter.
      (2)   Fill material shall be placed according to the SWPPP as accepted by the city.
      (3)   Interim filling during construction shall be placed in a safe manner. Slope stabilization, inspection and maintenance of erosion control and soil stabilization where work has been suspended shall be according to the Design Standards Manual.
      (4)   Finish grading shall be according to Part 3 of § 2010 of the Standard Specifications.
      (5)   Finish slopes shall not exceed a three to one (3:1) ratio on any slope facing and terminating within 15 feet of a property line.
   (B)   Unacceptable fill materials.
      (1)   Fill materials shall not include hazardous waste, synthetic material, metal and organic material other than natural topsoil incidental to excavation, except as noted below. Concrete, brick, tile and other manufactured inert material shall not be greater than 18 inches in its greatest dimension. Asphalt paving material shall not be used for bank stabilization or where the final location will be below the known water table.
      (2)   Trees may be buried within the site they originate from; provided, they are not buried within structural footprints or in earthwork providing structural support, such as for building foundations and roadways. Trees shall not be placed in the trench backfill for sewers, culverts and other underground utilities. Trees shall not be imported on-site from off-site for use as fill.
(2013 Code, § 28-165)  (Ord. 14824, passed 2-11-2008)