§ 117.003 APPLICATION.
   (A) The applicant shall file a written, sworn application provided by the City Clerk. The application must be signed by the applicant, if an individual; by all partners, if a partnership; or by the president, if a corporation;
   (B)   The application shall include the name of the principals, agents, and employees of the applicant's business during the time that it is proposed that such business will be carried on in the city; the local address or addresses of such person or persons while engaged in such business; the permanent address or addresses of such person or persons; the capacity in which such person or persons will act (as proprietor, agent, employee or otherwise); the name and the address of the person, firm or corporation for whose account the business will be carried on if any; and if a corporation, under the laws of what state it is incorporated;
   (C)   The place or places in the city where it is proposed to carry on the applicant's business, and the length of time during which it is proposed that said business shall be conducted;
   (D)   The place or places, other than the permanent place of business of the applicant, where the applicant within the next six months preceding the date of said application conducted an itinerant business, stating the nature thereof and giving the post office and street address of any building or office in which such business was conducted; and
   (E)   Credentials from the person, firm, or corporation for which the applicant proposed to do business, authorizing the applicant to act as such representative.
(Ord. 15053, passed 11-28-2022)