(A)   No user shall contribute or cause to be contributed, directly or indirectly, any pollutant or wastewater which will interfere with the operation or performance or pass through of the POTW. The general prohibitions and specific prohibitions listed in this subchapter apply to all such users or a POTW whether or not the user is subject to national categorical pretreatment standards or any other national, state or local pretreatment standard or requirements. Each industrial user is required to notify the Director of any planned significant charges to the industrial user’s operations or system that might alter the nature, quality or volume of its wastewater at least 30 days before the change.
   (B)   The Director may require the industrial user to submit such information as may be deemed necessary to evaluate the changed condition, including the submission of a wastewater discharge permit application under § 52.076(B) of this chapter.
   (C)   The Director may issue a wastewater discharge permit under § 52.076 of this chapter or modify an existing wastewater discharge permit under § 52.076(C) of this chapter.
   (D)   No industrial user shall implement the planned changes until and unless the Director has responded to the industrial user’s notice.
   (E)   For purposes of this section, flow increases of 10% or greater and the discharge of any previously unreported pollutants shall be deemed significant.
(2013 Code, § 28-78)  (Ord. 14438, passed 8-23-1993)