(A)   Every property owner or applicant required to have coverage under NPDES General Permit No. 2 shall design, install and maintain Post-Construction Storm Water Management Plan (PCSWMP) facilities as approved by the City Council during the site plan, construction drawing or platting process.
   (B)   A state licensed professional engineer or landscape architect shall design PCSWMP facilities in conformance with the guidelines established in the Iowa Storm Water Management Manual and SUDAS. PCSWMP facilities shall be designed with appropriate BMPs, such as detention and retention basins, grass swales, buffer strips, bio-retention and other similar types of infiltration basins and riparian areas, that will convey drainage through the property to one or more treatment areas such that no development shall cause downstream property owners, watercourses, channels or conduits to receive storm water runoff from the proposed development site at a flow greater than the rate allowed.
   (C)   (1)   In order to ensure that the PCSWMP facilities are constructed in accordance with the approved design, the property owner or applicant shall provide to the city an as-built plan detailing dimensions and elevations as well as certification that the approved facilities were installed and properly working.
      (2)   The as-built plan shall be completed by a state licensed professional engineer or landscape architect and submitted to the city prior to the acceptance of any improvements or issuance of any certificate of occupancy.
   (D)   At the discretion of the city, the property owner or applicant may satisfy the PCSWMP requirements by ensuring the conveyance of storm water discharge from the property to a regional detention facility.
(2013 Code, § 28-204) (Ord. 14853, passed 2-23-2009)