(A)   This subchapter sets forth uniform requirements for direct and indirect contributors into the wastewater collection and treatment system for the city and enables the city to comply with all applicable state and federal laws including the Clean Water Act and the General Pretreatment Regulations, 40 C.F.R. part 403.
   (B)   The objectives of this subchapter are to:
      (1)   Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the city’s wastewater system that will interfere with the operation of the system or contaminate the resulting sludge;
      (2)   Prevent the introduction of pollutants into the municipal wastewater system that will pass through the system, inadequately treated, into receiving waters or the atmosphere or otherwise be incompatible with the system;
      (3)   Improve the opportunity to recycle and reclaim wastewaters and sludges from the system; and
      (4)   Provide for equitable distribution of the cost of the municipal wastewater system.
   (C)   This subchapter provides for the regulation of direct and indirect contributors to the municipal wastewater system through the issuance of permits to certain non-domestic users and through enforcement of general requirements for the other users, authorizes monitoring and enforcement activities, requires user reporting, assumes that existing customer’s capacity will not be preempted and provides for the setting of fees for the equitable distribution of costs resulting from the program established in this subchapter.
   (D)   This subchapter shall apply to the city and to persons outside the city who are, by contract or agreement with the city, users of the POTW. Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, the Director of the city’s POTW shall administer, implement and enforce the provisions of this subchapter.
(2013 Code, § 28-76)  (Ord. 14438, passed 8-23-1993)