Under this chapter, every responsible party having control or ownership of an alarm system, audible or silent, shall, upon notification that the alarm system is giving or has given a signal, proceed immediately to that premises and render all necessary service; provided, however, that, the owner or person in control of the premises may enter into an agreement with an alarm business, licensed private detective agency or watch service to assume the duty to respond instead. The responsible party or agent shall, upon installation or activation of the alarm system, notify the Police Department in writing as to the alarm type, address and planned response. Failure to respond to an alarm or to notify the Police Department of the installation activation or change in an alarm may cause the Police Chief to assess a service fee of $25 for each failure or for any changes in the alarm system to which the Police Department is not notified.
(2013 Code, § 17-223) (Ord. 14459, passed 5-9-1994; Ord. 14508, passed 9-11-1995)