(A)   Generally.
      (1)   One of the goals of the City Council rules is to create an atmosphere of efficiency, fairness and maximum participation. It is the responsibility of the Mayor, the Council members, city staff and members of the public to maintain common courtesy and decorum throughout any meeting.
      (2)   Members of the public have the right to attend City Council meetings, subject to the need to maintain order and space limitations.
      (3)   The City Council meeting space will, to the extent possible, be arranged so that all interested persons can observe the meeting and hear all Council discussions and votes.
      (4)   The Mayor, Council members, city staff and members of the public should speak one at a time in a civil and courteous manner so as to be heard by all persons in attendance.
      (5)   All cell phones or other communication devices should be silenced during City Council meetings. No one should take a voice phone call during a Council meeting without first leaving the Council chambers and closing the chamber doors.
   (B)   Public participation.
      (1)   All persons attending are asked to observe the following when speaking:
         (a)   Only persons recognized by the Mayor will be allowed to speak. During public hearings or at other allowable times, members of the public will not address items on the agenda unless and until recognized by the presiding officer.
         (b)   A person recognized to speak should approach the podium, state his or her name and address, and make his or her statement as briefly as is possible. Speaking times are limited to three minutes.
         (c)   All speakers shall speak clearly and direct their comments to the Mayor and City Council and not to any Council member specifically.
         (d)   A person recognized to speak should maintain a courteous and polite demeanor, as well as refrain from using inappropriate, combative, profane or abusive language, or attacking the character of city officials and employees in a personal manner.
         (e)   Persons may address the City Council for the reading of protests, petitions or communications relating to any matter over which the Council has jurisdiction. When anyone appears before the City Council stating he or she has a petition, the Mayor will accept the petition and the minutes will reflect that action. The Mayor and City Council are not permitted to respond to or engage in debate or discussion concerning subjects raised by members of the public which are not on the posted agenda.
         (f)   A person should not address the City Council about issues that are known to be within the responsibility of other city staff/officials and have not been previously presented to that responsible party.
         (g)   Persons should not engage other members of the public while addressing the City Council or engage individual Council members in a discussion, except as permitted by the Mayor.
      (2)   Council members may, in their individual discretion, make themselves available to persons attending the meeting before or after the City Council meeting.
   (C)   Handling requests during meetings.  The City Council may not take action on any matter not specifically posted on the agenda. However, city staff may note any request for immediate action by city staff or, if necessary, by the City Council at a later meeting.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)