(A)   Debate and discussion should be focused, but free and open. At the same time, the Mayor may limit the time allotted to speakers, including Council members, in the interest of efficiently and effectively using time.
   (B)   Generally, a Council member will not be interrupted by other Council members, but may be under the following circumstances:
      (1)   Privilege. The proper interruption would be: “Point of privilege.” The Mayor would then ask the interrupter to “state your point.” Appropriate points of privilege relate to anything that would interfere with the comfort of the meeting participants. For example, the room may be too hot or too cold, or a blowing fan might interfere with a person’s ability to hear.
      (2)   Order. The proper interruption would be: “Point of order.” The Mayor would ask the interrupter to “state your point.” Appropriate points of order relate to anything that would not be considered appropriate conduct of the meeting; for example, if the Mayor moved to a vote on a motion that permits debate without allowing discussion or debate.
      (3)   Appeal. If the Mayor makes a ruling with which a Council member disagrees, that Council member may appeal the ruling of the Mayor to the parliamentarian.
      (4)   Call for orders of the day. This is another way of saying, “Let’s return to the agenda.” If a Council member believes the Council has drifted from the agenda, such a call may be made. It does not require a vote, and when the Mayor discovers that the agenda has not been followed, the Mayor simply reminds the Council to return to the agenda item properly before them.
      (5)   Withdraw a motion. During debate and discussion of a motion, the maker of the motion on the floor may, at any time, interrupt a speaker to withdraw his or her motion from the floor. The motion is immediately deemed withdrawn, although the Mayor may ask the person who seconded the motion if he or she wishes to make the motion, and any other Council member may make the motion, if properly recognized.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)