(A)   After a vote is taken, the matter is deemed concluded and is subject to reconsideration only upon a timely motion. A motion to reconsider shall only be made by a Council member who originally voted in favor of the measure (such as, a Council member on the prevailing side). A motion to reconsider requires a two-thirds majority vote to pass, but there are two limitations: First, a motion to reconsider may be made at the meeting where the item was first voted upon. The motion maybe made at any time before adjournment. A motion to reconsider may also be made in the case of a failed measure, if made at a subsequent meeting within ten days of the original measure’s failure by a Council member who voted against the measure.
   (B)   If the motion to reconsider passes, then the original matter is back before the City Council, and a new original motion is in order.
   (C)   The matter may be discussed and debated as if it were on the floor for the first time.
   (D)   Once a matter has been duly reconsidered, no further motion to reconsider the issue can or shall be made without the unanimous consent of the City Council.
   (E)   No question shall be reconsidered more than once, nor shall a vote to reconsider be reconsidered. This rule does not prevent substantively different iterations of the measure from being brought forth at later meetings of the Council. Further, once a new City Council is seated following the next regular election, any matter may be revived.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)