In addition to the specific rules for passage of motions, resolutions and ordinances as set by state law, there are procedural exceptions to the rule of passage by a simple majority. The exceptions occur when the City Council is taking an action that effectively cuts off the ability of a minority opinion to take an action or discuss an item. These extraordinary motions require a two-thirds majority (a super-majority) to pass:
   (A)   Motions to limit debate. Whether a Council member says, “I move the previous question,” “I move the question,” “I call for the question,” or “I move to limit debate,” these motions, if successful, cut off the ability of the minority to discuss an item.
   (B)   Motion to object to the consideration of a question. Normally, such a motion is unnecessary, because the objectionable item is usually tabled or defeated. However, when Council members do not wish there to be any consideration of an item, such a motion is in order. It is not debatable.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)