(A)   Agenda deadline.  Except in cases of pressing need or emergency, no business may be submitted for placement on the regular Council agenda after 12:00 p.m. of the fifth day (Wednesday) prior to the meeting day. Items may be placed on the agenda by the City Administrator, Mayor or a Council member. The City Attorney or other city staff may place items on the agenda if approved by the City Administrator. When a holiday falls on a Friday, the City Clerk may revise the agenda cutoff time and shall, with the concurrence of the City Administrator, notify all staff, the Mayor and Council members of the same.
   (B)   Agenda and agenda packet preparation.
      (1)   The Mayor, City Administrator and City Clerk are responsible for preparation of the agenda and packet. Council members should promptly review their packets and contact the City Administrator if there are any questions regarding the information. The Mayor and City Administrator, after considering any requests for agenda items, shall approve the tentative agenda. Any request for an agenda item from the general public shall not be placed on the agenda unless and until timely requested by the Mayor or City Administrator. Staff may also place on the agenda items brought forward by the public, if approved by the City Administrator.
      (2)   Council members should, whenever possible, avoid using Council meeting time as a fact-finding exercise. Council members are instead encouraged to consult with the City Administrator ahead of the meeting to clarify any packet materials which are unclear. Meeting time should be used, as much as possible, for bona fide debate of public matters, rather than fact gathering which could have been accomplished with due diligence before the meeting.
      (3)   Agendas for public meetings shall be posted at city hall and shall be made available to the Mayor and City Council, city department directors and to the local media. At 5:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to Council meetings, the agenda packets are taken to the Police Department where officials may pick them up throughout the weekend. The agenda packets are also posted to the city’s website for viewing by the  general public.
   (C)   Withdrawn items.  Agenda items may be withdrawn by either the Mayor or the City Administrator prior to agenda distribution. Further, under circumstances where unforeseen problems are discovered with an agenda item after distribution of the agenda, the agenda may be modified as necessary by the Mayor.
(Res. 2017-287, passed 10-9-2017)