(A)   Individuals obtaining a license or permit requiring insurance shall have the following minimum liability and submit the certificate of insurance with the license or permit application prior to approval of such license or permit.
      (1)   Automobile liability:  $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage.
      (2)   General liability insurance:
         (a)   $1,000,000 each occurrence (combined bodily injury and property damage) - premises/operations and products/completed operations;
         (b)   $1,000,000 personal and advertising injury; and
         (c)   $2,000,000 general aggregate.
      (3)   Workers compensation (statutory) and employers liability:  $500,000 per accident/$500,000 per disease/$500,000 policy limit.
   (B)   All licenses and permits issued requiring a certificate of insurance shall expire annually on the month and day indicated on the expiration date of the certificate of insurance.
   (C)   The certificate of insurance shall specifically evidence the amount of insurance coverage, which shall remain in effect for the term of the license, and shall provide that written notice be given to the City Clerk 30 days prior to any change of coverage or termination of policy.
   (D)   Individuals contracting directly with the city shall submit a certificate of insurance with at least the above stated minimum coverages and add the city as additional insured.