A.   Fees.  The fees for various applications required by this Ordinance shall be as set by separate resolution of the local governing body.
   B.   Additional Specifications.  The City Administrator is hereby authorized to prepare and recommend standard drawings and constructions specifications for private and public improvements not specified in this ordinance.  Upon their adoption by the local governing body, they shall become mandatory.
   C.   Variances.  Upon application, a variance to the terms of this ordinance may be granted, subject to the requirements of Section 11-1-10 of this ordinance. Application for any variance must be made prior to the preliminary plat is approved.
   D.   Inspections.  The City Administrator shall be authorized to inspect premises proposed for subdivision or land development, including any improvements within such subdivision or land development, to determine compliance with the requirements of this ordinance and other laws and regulations of City.  No person shall refuse entry or access to any person authorized to conduct inspections who presents appropriate credentials for same, nor shall any person obstruct, hamper or interfere with any such person while in the process of carrying out his official duties.  The City Administrator is authorized to establish procedures for inspection of land development activity at various intervals in the development process, including without limitation inspection procedures for erosion control, the initiating of grading or land-disturbing activity, installation of on-site sewage disposal systems or sanitary sewer, installation of storm drainage pipe, detention, or other storm water facilities, and installation of street curbing and gutter, road sub-grade, base, or paving.
   E.   Enforcement, Violations, Remedies, and Penalties.  Enforcement, violations, remedies and penalties shall be as specified in Section 11-1-9 of this ordinance.
   F.   Amendment.  The Mayor and City Council may amend this ordinance in a manner consistent with Oklahoma law.  Before enacting such amendment to this ordinance, the Planning Commission shall provide a recommendation on the proposed amendment.  The Mayor and City Council shall hold a public hearing thereon, notice of which shall be published at least fifteen (15) days prior to such hearing in the City’s legal organ or a newspaper of general circulation in the County. (Ord. 437,  - -2020)