11-1-30: UTILITIES:
All utility facilities, with the exception of electric power, shall be located underground throughout the subdivision or land development.  Whenever existing utility facilities (other than major distribution lines) are located above ground, except when existing with public roads rights-of-ways, they shall be removed and placed underground.  Easements centered on rear lot lines shall be provided for utilities, private and public, and such easements shall be at least 20 feet wide.  When topographical or other conditions are such as to make impractical the inclusion of utilities along the rear lot lines of a subdivision, lot, or land development site, perpetual unobstructed easements at least 10 feet in width shall be provided along side lot lines with satisfactory access. In all cases where overhead or underground electric power lines are located, a minimum 20-foot easement is required. (Ord. 437,  - - 2020)