11-1-25: SIDEWALKS:
   A.   When Required.  Sidewalks shall be provided in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan, unless the City Administrator determines that no public need exists for sidewalks in a certain location.  Sidewalks shall be required when land developments and subdivisions are located within one-mile of a public school.  Sidewalks are required to be installed along one side of the street internal to a major subdivision, except in cases where the median lot size of the major subdivision is two acres or more.
   B.   Location.  Sidewalks shall be included within the dedicated non-pavement right-of-way of roads and shall parallel the street pavement as much as possible; provided, however, the City Administrator may permit sidewalks to be designed and constructed so that they meander around permanent obstructions or deviate from a linear pattern for design purposes.
   C.   Specifications.  Sidewalks shall be a minimum of four feet wide.  A median strip of grassed or landscaped areas at least two feet wide shall separate all sidewalks from adjacent curbs in residential areas. (Ord. 437,  - -2020)