A.   Curbs and gutters shall be installed, if required by the City Administrator, in accordance with standards and specifications of the City.  Subdivisions consisting totally of lots intended for single-family residential use containing a minimum of two acres shall not require curbs and gutters.  All commercial and industrial subdivisions and land developments must have curbs and gutters, regardless of the size of the lots.  When property fronting on an existing City street is subdivided or developed, and the subdivision or land development uses said existing street for access, then curb and gutter shall be required along said street along the entire property frontage of said street. 
   B.   Curbs shall be concrete which shall be class A 3000 psi strength at 28 days.  The typical curb minimum section shall be six inches by 24 inches by 12 inches (see Figure). 
   Vertical Curb Detail
   C.   All streets and roads not required to include curbs and gutters shall be graded, paved, and drained to meet all construction and drainage standards for ditches, slopes, and grassing according to specifications established by the City. (Ord. 437,  - - 2020)