11-1-23: STREET SIGNS:
   A.   Signs for street names, directions of travel, traffic control, and hazards shall be provided as directed by the City Administrator.  Street signs on exterior/boundary streets shall be installed by the City with the developer paying a proportionate share determined by the City.  Street signs for interior streets of a subdivision or land development shall be installed at the subdivider or developer’s expense by the subdivider or developer, conform to similar signs in adjacent areas and throughout the city, and be subject to the approval of the City Administrator.
   B.   Unless otherwise provided in standards and specifications adopted by the City, street signs shall meet the following specifications.  Signs shall be constructed of aluminum sheets with reflective backgrounds.  Information on the street name signs shall be readable from both sides of the sign.  Signs shall be installed on a steel post.  The vertical distance from the road elevation to the bottom of the sign face shall be seven feet with a minimum burial depth of three feet. (Ord. 437,  - -2020)