The following types of land subdivisions, transfers, and sales are specifically exempted from the plat approval requirements of this ordinance; provided, however, that such exemptions shall not apply to land development requirements and improvement requirements of this ordinance. 
   A.   The creation and sale of cemetery plots.
   B.   The sale of lots consistent with previously approved and recorded plats or deeds.
   C.   The creation of leaseholds for space within a multiple-occupancy building or the division of property into leaseholds for commercial, industrial, or institutional use.
   D.   The creation of leaseholds for the agricultural use of property where the use does not involve the construction of a building to be used as a residence or for other purposes not directly related to agricultural use of the land or crops or livestock raised thereon.
   E.   Any division of land to heirs through a judicial estate proceeding, or any division of land pursuant to a judicial partition, or any division of land occurring from the foreclosure of a deed of trust; provided, however, that such exemption shall not require the City to issue permits if the resulting lots or parcels fail to meet any applicable regulations of the local jurisdiction concerning lot size, lot width, and other dimensional requirements.
   F.   Intra-family land transfers and mortgage lots, as defined by this ordinance. (Ord. 437,  - -2020)