The following may also be permitted upon approval of their location and development by the Plan Commission:
   (A)   School, elementary and high (public or private);
   (B)   Churches and buildings usually associated with similar activities;
   (C)   Publicly-owned and operated parks, playgrounds and other recreation uses, including eating and drinking, sales and service establishments accessory to the use of the above. However, no such accessory use shall be located closer than 100 feet to any adjacent residential property;
   (D)   Governmental and public utility buildings and facilities when necessary for serving the surrounding territory; provided that, no public business offices and no repair or storage facilities are maintained therein; and
   (E)   Hospitals, clinics and sanitariums.
(Prior Code, § 156.052) (Ord. 85-O-1166, passed 3-18-1985; Ord. 86-O-1205, passed 1-15-1986)