§ 155.002 EXCEPTIONS.
   Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to include the state parks and the term “mobile home park” shall not be construed to include buildings, tents or other structures maintained by any individual or company on his, her or their own premises and used exclusively to house his, her or their own farm labor, or any military establishment of the United States or of the state wherein a travel trailer or mobile home may be located or harbored, or any park or state or county fairgrounds for a period during, immediately prior to and immediately subsequent to the holding of the fair not to exceed a total of two weeks in all, or the area or premises on any farm upon which are harbored travel trailers, or mobile homes occupied by persons employed upon such farm for not more than 120 days in any calendar year in the production, harvesting or processing of agricultural or horticultural products produced on the farm, or any park owned or operated by any municipality or county; provided, such municipality or county shall meet sanitary and safety provisions, keep a register and make reports, as required by this chapter or 210 ILCS 115/1 et seq. for a licensee.
(210 ILCS 115/20) (Prior Code, § 155.02)