(A)   The subdivider shall, at his or her own expense, improve all streets with a dust-proof surfaced roadway, complete with curb and gutter not less than 30 feet wide back to back, consisting of the following:
      (1)   A portland concrete cement pavement not less than eight inches thick;
      (2)   A cement-bound macadam roadway not less than eight inches thick;
      (3)   A seven-inch cement-soil base (as approved by the Portland Cement Association) with an asphalt surface (state highway specifications Sub-Class A-1) not less than two and one-half inches thickness;
      (4)   A water-bound macadam base not less than seven inches in thickness surfaced with not less than two and one-half inches of “built in place” dust-proof asphalt surfacing (State Highway Department Sub-Class A-1); or
      (5)   Cement or other construction similar to contiguous streets wherein conformity of construction shall more properly justify such type of street or roadway improvement.
   (B)   Industrial streets shall be reviewed for additional design standards to be approved by the City Engineer.
(Prior Code, § 154.30) (Ord. 76-O-930, passed 7-19-1976; Ord. 76-O-934, passed - -1976)