(A)   The final plat to be submitted to the Plan Commission shall be in strict accordance with the approved tentative plat and shall be drawn by a registered state land surveyor on tracing cloth to a scale of not less than 100 feet to one inch.
   (B)   The subdivider shall supply to the Plan Commission one reproducible Mylar, plus ten blueprints of the final plat, which plat shall meet the following requirements:
      (1)   The name of the proposed subdivision shall be shown;
      (2)   The date of preparation and a proper north sign shall be shown;
      (3)   A correct survey of the property proposed to be platted shall be shown;
      (4)   A legal description of the property shall be given which includes reference to the section, township and range, government section line and corners, half section lines, the location and dimensions of all streets (with their names), alleys, easements and all other lands to be dedicated to public use; and the lines and dimensions of abutting roads and streets (with their names), alleys and easements shall be shown;
      (5)   Street name signs of a type approved by the city, as specified in § 98.111 of this code of ordinances, shall be provided at all street intersections. A diagram showing the general construction and material of these signs shall be a part of the final plat. Street signs shall be located on the northeast and southwest corners of each intersection;
      (6)   All streets shall be provided with a concrete curb and, when required to be actually constructed, shall conform with such specifications as may have been adopted by the City Council;
      (7)   Sidewalks must be provided for throughout each new subdivision and, when required to be actually constructed, shall not be less than five feet wide and not less than five inches in thickness and shall be composed of a concrete mixture to be approved by the Director of Building and Housing;
      (8)   Street trees shall be planted throughout the entire subdivision. Such trees shall be planted in the parkways not less than four feet from the sidewalk or ten feet from the lot line when sidewalks are not provided, and shall be not more than 50 feet apart, and shall be red oak, hard maple, American elm, Chinese elm or English elm, sycamore, hackberry or American or European linden;
      (9)   (a)   Surface drainage ditches shall be provided throughout the subdivision, except when storm sewers are to be provided, and located on each side of each street with a minimum distance of six feet from the edge of surfaced street and street side of ditch. The following minimum dimensions shall apply:
            1.   Depth: 18 inches;
            2.   Width, at bottom: 18 inches; and
            3.   Angle of bank with bottom: 60 degrees.
         (b)   All surface drainage ditches shall drain to the nearest drainage ditches of the Calumet Union Drainage District or one of its recognized tributaries capable of carrying the additional surface water. The official plat shall show the direction of flow of all drainage ditches and their outlet to the Calumet Union Drainage District.
      (10)   Culverts of concrete or vitrified tile of adequate strength or corrugated steel construction having a minimum diameter of 18 inches shall be located at all street intersections. The number of culverts at each intersection shall be determined by the drainage requirements and shall be shown on the official plat;
      (11)   (a)   All electric and telephone leads, mains, and conduit systems shall be placed in the easements, or alleys, and only when such easements or alleys are not so provided such leads, mains and conduit systems shall be placed in the street right-of-way; and
         (b)   All electric and telephone leads, mains and conduit systems shall be placed on the west side of all north and south easements, alleys or streets and on the north side of all east and west easements, alleys or streets.
      (12)   All lot lines shall be shown, lots and blocks numbered or lettered; building lines and easements shall be shown and determined by measurements;
      (13)   All necessary dimensions both linear and angular shall be shown. Linear dimensions shall be shown in feet and decimals of a foot, and all deflections, angles, radii, arcs and central angles of all corners along the property line of each street shall be shown;
      (14)   The description and location of all survey monuments erected in the subdivision shall be shown. Such monuments shall be either iron pipe not less than one inch in diameter and 30 inches long, or stone or concrete not less than four inches in diameter and 24 inches long. Permanent monuments shall be erected at all street corners, at all points where street lines intersect the exterior boundaries of the subdivision and at angle points of curves in each street;
      (15)   Provisions shall be made for direct connections with the principal existing streets in adjoining subdivisions;
      (16)   (a)   The plat shall have lettered upon it a statement of dedication properly conveying all lands dedicated for any other public use, and there shall be attached to the plat a certificate of title certifying the ownership of all such lands to be so dedicated by the plat; and
         (b)   Every such plat shall, in addition to all streets, alleys and parking areas, dedicate for public use or public grounds the equivalent of at least one acre of land for each 15 acres of land or fraction thereof, or one acre of land for each 75 building sites, whichever is the greater in area, permissible under the county’s zoning regulations then in effect, if the area shall be outside the city limits, or permissible under the regulations of the Zoning Code in Ch. 156 of this code of ordinances then in effect, if the area shall be within the city limits whichever shall be greater, such public lands so dedicated to be in such location as may be approved by the Plan Commission; provided, however, that, if the land so required to be dedicated under the requirements of this section is less than one acre and if the Plan Commission shall so recommend, the City Council may waive the dedication of any land for public purposes other than the requirements for streets and alleys.
      (17)   All proper certificates, seals and signatures as required by law shall be shown;
      (18)   Section line streets shall be not less than 100 feet wide; half section line streets not less than eight feet wide. The Indian Boundary Line or George Brennan Highway shall be not less than 200 feet wide. Outside the corporate limits of the city, the street or highway widths shall be as required by the county’s Map Department;
      (19)   Where alleys are provided they shall be not less than 20 feet wide;
      (20)   Where no alleys are platted, easements not less than ten feet wide shall be provided across the rear of all lots for any and public utilities. The easements shall be so laid out that a proper continuity may be had for such utilities from block to block; and
      (21)   Building setback lines shall be shown on all plats, as required by the Zoning Code in Ch. 156 of this code of ordinances or the county.
(Prior Code, § 154.19) (Ord. 76-O-930, passed 7-19-1976; Ord. 76-O-934, passed - -1976)