(A)   Any owner of land within the corporate limits of the city, or within one and one-half miles of the corporate limits, wishing to divide the same into building lots for the purpose of sale or assessment or both, or wishing to dedicate streets and alleys or easements and other public lands for public use, shall first submit to the city a tentative plat of subdivision in duplicate blueprints.
   (B)   Such tentative plat shall meet the following requirements.
      (1)   Each tentative plat shall be drawn to the scale of 100 feet to one inch. The tentative plat shall show the boundaries of the property to be subdivided, section and half-section lines, existing permanent buildings, water courses and other existing features pertinent to proper subdivision.
      (2)   All corporate boundary lines within or adjacent to the proposed subdivision shall so be designated.
      (3)   Contour lines at intervals of not more than two feet shall be shown.
      (4)   The width of roads, streets (with their names), alleys and easements, dimensions of lots and blocks and building lines shall be shown. The full width of streets bounding the proposed subdivision (with their names) and the width and names of intersection streets in the property immediately adjacent shall be shown. All streets shall be carried to the boundaries of the proposed subdivision.
      (5)   The name of the proposed subdivision with the name of the owner, sponsor or trustees shall be shown.
(Prior Code, § 154.15)