(A)   The Comprehensive Plan of Public Improvements, looking to the present and future development of the city, which plan has been prepared and recommended to the City Council by the Plan Commission, is adopted and made the official plan of the city.
   (B)   The official plan, as adopted in this section, consists of the written recommendations in reference to streets, alleys, easements and public grounds as made by the Plan Commission and as incorporated in this chapter, each and every map, chart and exhibit which is included in the recommendations of the Plan Commission together with all notations, references and other matters shown thereon shall be as much a part of this chapter as if the notations, references and other matters set forth by such maps were fully described herein. Specifically, the official plan includes:
      (1)   Map No. 1, titled “Official Plan, City of Markham, Cook County, Illinois”, showing a comprehensive plan for streets, alleys and easements; and
      (2)   Subdivision regulations set forth in this chapter to regulate and control the future physical development of the city.
(Prior Code, § 154.03)