(A)   Any owner of real estate who desires to construct, erect or maintain a dished antenna on said real estate shall apply to the Building Commissioner for the permit. A part-owner, occupant or renter must have written permission from all owners of the lot, premises or parcel of land within the city on which such construction, erection or maintenance is proposed.
   (B)   (1)   The applicant shall submit the permit application upon forms provided by the Building Commissioner, together with: a plot plan of the lot, premises or parcel of land; antenna specifications; materials; complete dimensions; support structure details; proposed location in relation to surrounding buildings, lot lines and utility wires and easement and landscape screening.
      (2)   The application shall indicate the names of the owner or owners of the subject property, the occupant of the subject premises, if different, and the contractor or other person who will be permitted to construct or erect the proposed earth station. Any non-owner contractor is required to be a licensed contractor.
   (C)   All other provisions of the Building Code in Ch. 150 and the Zoning Code in Ch. 156 of this code of ordinances shall apply to this chapter, except insofar as they are in direct conflict.
(Prior Code, § 153.10) (Ord. 86-O-1204, passed 1-15-1986)