§ 159.008 ABANDONMENT.
   (A)   A small wireless facility that is not operated for a continuous period of 12 months shall be considered abandoned. The owner of the facility shall remove the small wireless facility within 90 days after receipt of written notice from the city notifying the wireless provider of the abandonment.
   (B)   The notice shall be sent by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, by the city to the owner at the last known address of the wireless provider. If the small wireless facility is not removed within 90 days of such notice, the city may remove or cause the removal of such facility pursuant to the terms of its pole attachment agreement for municipal utility poles or through whatever actions are provided for abatement of nuisances or by other law for removal and cost recovery.
   (C)   A wireless provider shall provide written notice to the city if it sells or transfers small wireless facilities within the jurisdiction of the city. Such notice shall include the name and contact information of the new wireless provider.
(Ord. 21-O-2303, passed 6-2-2021; Ord. 21-O-2318, passed 12-1-2021)