Application fees are imposed as follows:
   (A)   Applicant shall pay an application fee of $650 for an application to collocate a single small wireless facility on an existing utility pole or wireless support structure, and $350 for each small wireless facility addressed in a consolidated application to collocate more than one small wireless facility on existing utility poles or wireless support structures. The fees established by this chapter are equal to the limit imposed by the Act and represent a reasonable approximation of the municipality's objectively reasonable costs. The municipality shall regularly review the fees imposed and may adjust the fees by further amendment to this chapter. The safe harbor rate established by the FCC of $500 for up to five wireless facilities and $100 for each additional facility in a consolidated application may be exceeded only if justified based on the municipality's reasonable approximation of its costs.
   (B)   Applicant shall pay an application fee of $1,000 for each small wireless facility addressed in an application that includes the installation of a new utility pole for such collocation.
   (C)   Notwithstanding any contrary provision of state law or local ordinance, applications pursuant to this section shall be accompanied by the required application fee. Application fees shall be non-refundable.
   (D)   The city shall not require an application, approval or permit, or require any fees or other charges, from a communications service provider authorized to occupy the rights-of-way, for:
      (1)   Routine maintenance;
      (2)   The replacement of wireless facilities with wireless facilities that are substantially similar, the same size, or smaller if the wireless provider notifies the city at least ten days prior to the planned replacement and includes equipment specifications and certifications for the replacement of equipment consistent with division (d) under the section titled Application Requirements; or
      (3)   The installation, placement, maintenance, operation or replacement of micro wireless facilities suspended on cables that are strung between existing utility poles in compliance with applicable safety codes.
   (E)   Wireless providers shall secure a permit from the city to work within rights-of-way for activities that affect traffic patterns or require lane closures.
(Ord. 21-O-2303, passed 6-2-2021; Ord. 21-O-2318, passed 12-1-2021)