(A)   Within 60 days after the close of the hearing on a proposed special use classification, the Plan Commission shall make written findings of fact and shall submit same together with its recommendation to the City Council. The Plan Commission shall make findings based upon the evidence presented to it in each respective case with respect to the following matters:
      (1)   Existing uses of property within the general area of the property in question;
      (2)   The zoning classification of property within the general area of the property in question;
      (3)   The suitability of the property in question for the uses permitted under the existing zoning classification;
      (4)   The trend of development, if any, in the general area of the property in question, including changes, if any, which may have taken place since the day the property in question was placed in its present zoning classification;
      (5)   The public or community need for the special use requested (as distinguished from private need or benefit of the property owner);
      (6)   The favorable or unfavorable impact of the project as proposed for the special use upon the surrounding area;
      (7)   The favorable or unfavorable impact of the proposed development on the following:
         (a)   The school system;
         (b)   The Police Department;
         (c)   The Fire Department;
         (d)   The water system as it presently exists;
         (e)   The sanitary sewer system as it presently exists;
         (f)   The storm sewer system as it presently exists; and
         (g)   Accessibility to major streets or highways without creating traffic on presently existing residential streets.
      (8)   The balanced mix of dwelling units (single-family, multiple or condominium);
      (9)   The percentage of land to be retained as common open space;
      (10)   The provisions that are made for community and residential facilities in common open space;
      (11)   The consideration given to the arrangement of buildings and other structures with regard to providing for circulation, light, air and visual form;
      (12)   Construction standards, types and design;
      (13)   The density of the proposed development with regard to the number of units per acre, the mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom units and the percentage of floor space in relation to the total land area;
      (14)   What provisions are made for dedication of public land or cash equivalent for public purposes;
      (15)   What provisions are made for the support, operation and maintenance of common open space and all facilities installed thereon to the end that the same shall not become a burden upon the general public; and
      (16)   What provision is made for adequate off-street parking.
   (B)   The Plan Commission shall not recommend the issuance of the requested special use permit unless it finds that the issuance of such special use permit is in the public interest and is not solely for the interest of the applicant.
(Prior Code, § 156.319) (Ord. 72-O-793, passed - -1972)