A building or premises shall be used only for the following purposes in the L-3 Motor Freight Terminal District:
   (A)   Any use permitted in a C-1, C-2, L-1 and L-2 District other than new residential use;
   (B)   Public utility and public services including uses such as, bus terminals, off-the-street bus turnaround, bus garages and bus lots;
   (C)   Automobile service stations for the retail sale and dispensing of fuel, lubricants, tires, batteries, accessories and supplies, including installation and minor services customarily incidental thereto. Facilities for chassis and gear lubrication and for washing are permitted only if enclosed in a building;
   (D)   Battery and service stations;
   (E)   Cartage and express facilities;
   (F)   Dwelling units for watchmen and their families located on premises where they are employed in such capacity;
   (G)   Garages and parking, auto and truck;
   (H)   Hotels and lodging houses;
   (I)   Motor freight terminal warehouses and repair shops;
   (J)   Motor vehicle service shops for passenger and commercial vehicles, including body repair, automobile painting and engine rebuilding;
   (K)   Packing and crating facilities;
   (L)   Parcel delivery stations; and
   (M)   Special uses, as:
      (1)   Heliports;
      (2)   Signs as follows.
         (a)   In an L-3 District, business and advertising signs are permitted without restriction; except that, the roof signs shall not project higher than 50 feet from the curb level, except as otherwise provided in this section, and except as near public parks, major routes and residence districts.
         (b)   No signs shall be permitted within 400 feet of public parks or main roadways (exclusive of access drives), of specified major routes if the face thereof is visible therefrom and advertising signs located at greater distance than 400 feet from such public parks, main roadways or major roads and visible therefrom shall not exceed in gross area in square feet one-two-hundredths times the square of the distance of such advertising signs from said public parks, main roadways or major routes.
            1.   The designated 400 feet shall be measured from the centerline of the streets bounding public parks or the boundary line of such public parks.
            2.   For the purposes of this section, parks and major routes shall include public parks of five or more acres in area and all expressways and toll roads.
         (c)   No advertising signs shall be permitted within 75 feet of any property in a residential district.
      (3)   Cannabis dispensaries;
      (4)   Cannabis craft growers;
      (5)   Cannabis cultivation centers;
      (6)   Cannabis infusers;
      (7)   Cannabis processors; and
      (8)   Cannabis transporters.
(Prior Code, § 156.213) (Ord. 20-O-2258, passed 3-18-2020)