No building or area shall be used for any of the following uses:
   (A)   The cooking, distillation, processing and incineration of animal and vegetable products, including, but not limited to, brewery, distillery, food-canning plant, slaughterhouse, stockyards, fat rendering, soap manufacture, glue manufacture, tannery, paper manufacture, wool-scouring and cleaning; cotton textile sizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing and similar operations; paint and varnish manufacture, creosote and creosote products manufacture;
   (B)   The production of corrosive and noxious chemicals including, but not limited to, acids, acetylene gas, ammonia, bleaching compounds;
   (C)   The production, processing and storage of coal, coal tar and asphalt products including, but not limited to, coke manufacture, illuminating gas production, petroleum refining, asphalt products, linoleum manufacture, oil-cloth manufacture and roofing material manufacture;
   (D)   The extraction, preparation and processing of dust-producing mineral products including, but not limited to, abrasives, cement, lime fertilizer, plaster, crushed stone, stone-cutting products; mining of sand, gravel and topsoil;
   (E)   The smelting and reduction of metallic ores including, but not limited to, blast furnace, open hearth and electric furnace, Bessemer converter, non-ferrous metal smelter;
   (F)   The manufacture and storage of explosive products, including, but not limited to, dynamite and commercial explosives, TNT and military explosives and fireworks;
   (G)   The use of hammer mills, ball mills, rolling mills or drop forges in any industrial process;
   (H)   The storage of materials customarily stored in the open, such as junk, paper and scrap metal; and/or
   (I)   No land or buildings shall be used as a motor freight terminal.
(Prior Code, § 156.180) (Ord. 74-O-874, passed - -1974) Penalty, see § 156.999