The following restrictions shall apply to this district.
   (A)   No land or building shall be used or occupied in any manner as to create any dangerous, injurious, noxious or otherwise objectionable fire, explosive, radioactive or other hazard; emit any noise or vibration, smoke, dust, odor, noxious, toxic or corrosive fumes or gases, or particulate matter; discharge any liquid or solid refuse or waste conducive to the breeding of rodents or insects into any stream, ditch or other open area in a manner or amount as to adversely affect the surrounding area.
   (B)   All operations permitted in the L-1 District shall be conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building; and all raw materials, fuels, finished products, machinery and equipment, including company-owned or operated trucks and motor vehicles, shall be stored within an entirely closed building, or within an area enclosed by a fence of an approved type and design. Liquids may be stored in underground tanks, subject to the provisions of appropriate fire and building codes.
   (C)   No operation shall be carried on that would produce heat or glare perceptible from any property line of the lot on which the operation is located.
   (D)   No lighting shall be of such a nature as to produce glare on public streets or highways or neighboring property.
   (E)   No substance, other than oil, gas or electricity shall be used as fuel.
(Prior Code, § 156.177)